Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 8-Week-Day

Greg says that Sunday was Jack's 8-Week-Day,
not 2-Month-Day (2 months just sounds too old!).

This month... this month, I am amazed at how Jack is already becoming an independent little person. He has decided likes and dislikes. We notice that his cries and sounds are becoming much more complex. He's learning how to entertain himself. He can anticipate things in short time periods (like, sees me getting ready to nurse him and calms down before he gets the milk). In the first month, he was this tiny, helpless thing that wanted us all of the time; now, he is becoming a complex creature, and he's doing it all on his own.

We are excited to see Jack grow so much so quickly. We also can't help being a little sad, too. Of course there are many more changes to come, however, his easiest, cuddliest newborn days are over. I am devastated by the thought that I only have four more weeks of maternity leave remaining. These have been some very special days.

Here are some of the things that have happened since Jack's last milestone post.
  1. Turns his head towards our voices and can see us when we're a few feet away.
  2. Smiles when he sees us and in response to funny noises ("boo boo boo!" is a favorite) or tickling.
  3. Likes looking at his black and white picture book, at his mobile, at objects that we move in and out of view, and at anything with a pattern of light.
  4. Perfected the art of side-lying nursing (mom breaths a sigh of relief, particularly at 4am)
  5. Swats at things in front of his field of view and grasps items that are placed in his hands
  6. Drool has started, and so have "real" tears (one of them rolled down his cheek three days ago! I about died)
  7. Baby acne = a thing of the past (finally!)
  8. Mullet = full force.
  9. Head control; major head control... can be held with one arm without any worry, and we've started placing him forward facing in the carrier (with caution and an available hand just in case he jolts forward)
  10. Got through the six-week growth spurt. Barely. Led mom to several emotional freakouts (sleep deprivation) and a massive increase in milk supply.
  11. Takes a pacifier and a bottle
  12. Doesn't like mom's boob quite as much as he used to, and comfort nursing seems to be a thing of the past
  13. Gotten much more active and will spend up to an hour on his exercise mat or in his co-sleeper, kicking his feet and swinging his arms
  14. Loves looking at "that baby in the mirror"
  15. Learned how to coo (more of a soft "hoot") when he's happy and has begun expressing himself with all sorts of new sounds; his regular vocabulary includes: "hoo", "ooooh", "grrrgle", "eh", "heh!", "haaaee!", "huh", "uh", "mmm", "hmmm", "ur!"
  16. Discovered his yelling voice and found it to be most effective when head is immediately next to one of his parent's ears
  17. Learned how to talk back if we make funny noises to him
  18. Began wearing cloth diapers again and has graduated to size 2 disposables
  19. Overcame some serious GI troubles, got on an infant probiotic, but still hasn't kicked the thrush
  20. Discovered his fist and achieved enough control of his extremities to get it into his mouth. Sometimes.
  21. Celebrated his first holiday, spent some time on the sailboat, and settled into a little person that we recognize and love.
  22. Ditched some of his 0-3s and started on 3-6s; weighed in at 11lb 2oz as of 9/9/10
  23. Pooped, peed and spit up all in the span of 5 seconds; impressive. (Also learned how to projectile vomit, though fortunately that has been a rare event).
  24. Started sleeping less. A lot less, and at the wrong times.
Good work, Jack. We're nostalgic for your tiny, newborn helplessness, but we are proud and amazed by how you are developing. Keep on growing, buddy!


  1. aww he is getting so big!! i love the milestones list!!
    jennie (SC)

  2. Flapjack for Halloween ;) Too cute!