Saturday, September 4, 2010


Jack likes hanging out in his co-sleeper a bit too much. In fact, he likes it so much that we have trouble putting him to sleep. This bothers me. I never know whether his quiet time is good for him, or if we're depriving him of needed interaction. Often he'll be content, all alone, for an hour or morebefore drifting off. Sometimes he'll kick his feet for a while until he gets tired. Most of the time, though, he just stares at the mobile above his crib:

It's kind of cute. He's already learning how to entertain himself.

The mobile (from this shop at is fantastic. It is very light and so it sways easily. The shapes are oriented parallel to the ceiling, so that he can see them with his blurry newborn vision. It's a pleasant mobile. Frankly, I'd probably be as entertained by it as he is!

I'm fascinated that Jack has such strong preferences about when and where he lays down. For instance, he hates going into his car seat (the car seat also happens to be his stroller). It makes getting out of the house a stressful guilt-fest: he always yells sharply until he falls asleep, and he won't fall asleep in it unless it's moving. The seat can't be that uncomfortable, because he'll stay asleep longer in the car seat (2-3 hours!) than in any other position. Strangely enough, he loves his swing . Both are at a semi-recline and cradle him with rocking motion. What gives? (The car seat issue is really confusing to us). Furthermore, he has a specific tolerance for his playmat (about 30 minutes), but he'll hang out much longer in his co-sleeper. He doesn't fall asleep easily in the co-sleeper, but he'll zonk out right away in our bed. His tolerance for various situations is quite reliable.

Still can't believe this little guy has likes and dislikes already!

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