Sunday, September 19, 2010

I forgot the conditioner

A week ago today, I took a shower like any other shower. Except... I forgot the conditioner and didn't notice until I was fully towel dried. It was so strange. I never forget conditioner. My pretending-to-be-curly-but-really-just-frizzy hair does not permit such forgetting... my hair feels like tangled straw without conditioner. Shampoo. Rinse. Condition. Rinse.

My mind gets fuzzy without sleep. I do things like try to convince a table of four women that we can split a $40 check with 4 20's and 3 10's. Or I put the paper towels in the refrigerator and orange juice in the cupboard. Or I lose my wallet in my own bag. AGAIN. I'm a scatterbrain in the best of times... add maternal hormones and subtract sleep, and I feel a fraction of my former self.

Still, Jack is showing us that he can sleep through the night. This amazing little boy had four awesome evenings: 4.5 hours, 4.5 hours, 5 hours, and 6 hours. 6 hours!! Then Greg and I messed up his nap schedule on Saturday and I was up at 1, 3, 5 and 7am this morning. We didn't do so well with his naps today, either, and Jack is still awake (an hour past his normal sleepy time). Tonight is anybody's guess. Tomorrow, I prioritize his naps and hope that it saves me some sleep of my own.

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