Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We got so tired

We got so tired during tummy time that we fell asleep:

Now for the good news. Mom happens to be wide awake this morning, because babe slept from 9:30pm-3:20am.




For the second time in 7 weeks (actually more like 12 weeks, if you count my getting-up-every-two-hours during the later stages of pregnancy), I slept for five whole hours! From 10:20-3:20! I feel like I slept 12 hours -- what a difference.

Jack finally settled in for a long nursing session last night. It happened while I was on the phone with my friend Jessica. Maybe my voice calmed him. Maybe he felt the good nursing wishes Jess (due to have her 3rd child in 6 weeks) was sending our way. I happened to be sitting in a dark room -- that could have helped, too. Whatever the case, Jack was very calm and nursed slowly for a good 40 minutes. His little belly was full of milk, and I think that made all the difference.

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