Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We still try

For the first four weeks or so, I had no real wish to escape the housewife duties. I preferred nothing over spending time with Jack. Then I got a little antsy and found myself craving some alone time. Jack stayed with Dad, and I got to go out.

For the first six weeks or so, Greg and I had no real wish to escape domestic evening life. Craving a date? We just brought Jack with us! To restaurants... on walks... in the backyard with a nice dinner... over to friends'... we took him everywhere, and our "couple time" was enriched by his presence. Jack made our time together more romantic, and so we always wanted him with us.

These photos are evidence of a turning point. A few nights ago, I made a tasty dinner and we took Jack out onto the sailboat (not sailing!! Greg just needed to weatherproof the boat in preparation for the never-actually-caused-incliment-weather-in-CT hurricane). I packed the picnic up all nice and tidy. We drove to our destination. And then proceeded to get bit up by bugs while alternating the baby-bouncing act and spilling food all over our laps. It wasn't a bad evening, but we both craved something a little simpler.

So, it's been seven weeks, and we decided to go on a date, alone, this coming Friday.

Unfortunately, there's a kink in our plans. I took Jack to the doctor today, because our breastfeeding issue is becoming more serious. The doctor thinks we need to cut out bottles for a little while. Whatever is upsetting Jack (and we still don't know what it is), it's not upsetting him with the bottle. He nurses just fine from the bottle... the milk flows easily, and it flows at whatever pace Jack wants it to. We only give a few bottles of expressed milk a week, however, the doctor believes that even if bottles aren't the cause of the nursing problem, they're probably making things worse.

I think we need to give it at least a week -- if not longer -- of happy nursing before trying a bottle again. Considering that Jack nursed 8 times since this morning and had a meltdown during 3 of those sessions, we've got some work ahead of us.

Maybe Greg and I could have a super quick date :) Out for dinner in less than two hours! (Our favorite restaurant -- to which we've taken Jack several times -- is just a block away, so it's not out of the question!)

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