Monday, September 27, 2010

If you think...

... that you can make it the four blocks to the mailbox and back with the Baby in the Bjorn (hah! that's funny!!) before it starts to rain heavily, you would be wrong. Actually, you would be me, purchasing a bubble mailer for 70 cents in the Yale bookstore to hold over the baby's head while power-walking back to shelter.

The rain didn't perturb Jack in the slightest; he fell asleep two blocks from home.

Speaking of water falling in droplet form, it's official: I cannot watch a movie involving any kind of parental / birth scene without bursting into heartfelt sobs. Until a few months ago, I had only shed tears during three movies: E.T. (I was 3), Schindler's List (obvious), and the opening scene of Up! when the lead characters couldn't have a child (I was going through infertility, myself). Don't get me wrong: I'll cry at the drop of the hat, in public, if it involves my own life. But I couldn't make myself cry at a movie or a book if I wanted to.

Now? Let me tally it up, in two months, I've doubled my count: Star Trek*, 9 Months**, Jack and Sarah***,and The Duchess****. The mere threat of a family being pulled apart or some sentimental lyrics in a song are enough to make my throat catch and my eyes burn. Seriously, is this permanent?

Now we will return to our regularly scheduled program of dancing with Jack in the kitchen while making chicken enchiladas and pretending to be hormonally competent.

*Am referencing the 2009 film, which, coincidentally, is a fantastic action flick. But I wasn't crying over the Borg or Klingons or even that poor Romulan misfit who lost his wife.... no, it was the two scenes involving the mothers of Captain Kirk and Spock that did me in.

**Most bizarre on the list. I offer no excuse

***The mom DIES, come on!

****Yes, Victorian period pieces do often involve tragic romances, but this particular historical tale involves a maternal bond so strong that... well, it made me cry. Told ya.

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