Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's more challenging than I anticipated

Things that encourage the mother of an exclusively breastfed 11-month old baby to wean said baby:
  1. Frustrating ups and downs that result from pumping to volume (8 oz / day) when baby's food intake is altering milk supply by more than any acceptable margin of error
  2. That whole getting-up-every-two-hours routine (AKA, My Living Hell) returns with what feels like unending vengeance.
  3. Sharp - oh so sharp - little teeth: uppers, lowers, canines coming in, and a baby who discovered that biting is yet another form of expression
  4. Something Called Mastitis, the second time around.
  5. The department secretary goes on vacation, and the key for the room I normally pump in is thus inaccessible for a WEEK.
  6. I finally realized that these two statements are unavoidably and annoyingly inconsistent: 1. I am soooo weirded about by the thought of giving Jack another species' milk (never mind different species, we are from a different genus!). 2. I'm really glad Jack eats yogurt and Kefir! (Duh.)

What encourages the mother of an exclusively breastfed 11-month old baby to continue nursing said baby:
  1. Seeing, hearing, holding, smelling, or thinking about the baby, nearly no matter the circumstance.
  2. (AKA, hormones.)

I keep trying, but Mother Nature's a bitch!