Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jack Talk

Jack is an expressive baby. He has all sorts of sounds and moods...here are a few of his moods: fussy, sleepy, happy, excitable, calm, interested, bored, and interactive. In the video below, Jack is happy, and excitable, and interactive. He wants us to pay attention to him.

Jack and I often have long, meaningful conversations; the most common topic is nursing. Here's how they typically go.

Jack: Mom! "meh!"

Rachael: Yes, Jack?

Jack: Mom! Mom! I'm hungry! "meh!" "meh!" "neh!"

Rachael: I hear you, baby. I'm coming...

Jack: I'm sooo hungry! "nehhhh!"

Rachael: OK... 10 seconds

Jack: Milk please! Please!! I think there must be no more milk "nehhhhhhhhhhh! arrgghhhlegurle"

Rachael: Be patient. Almost there.

Jack: Oh no. Is the milk gone? Is it really gone forever? chin starts to warble

Rachael: See? There's the milk. I told you there would be milk. Have you ever not gotten milk?

Jack: snarfle, snarfle, gulp, snarfle, gulp, gulp

Rachael: Better?

Jack: I don't feel so good. cough, sputter

Rachael: I told you not to drink so fast...

Jack: Uh-oh. I think I'm going to spit up. "eh! eh! eh!"

Rachael: thump, thump, thump

Jack: urp. Wow. "hoo..." I'm sl- yawn -sl-sleepy... blinky eyes

Rachael: I love when you curl up on my shoulder.

Jack: Mom, you smell like milk. gurgle

Rachael: Jack, you smell like cheese.

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