Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Photos

I swear, Jack is conspiring to prevent Greg and I from ever going on a date again. We're rescheduling the babysitting trade with our friends -- wish us the best for next weekend!

Notice how there haven't been any photos lately? That's because Jack reached 2 months old, and my two software trials (30 days each) expired. I finally coughed up the $$ and ordered some photo editing software tonight; it'll be here on Wednesday, so photos will be returning soon.

Jack is doing better today, though he still has a fair amount of congestion that we can't seem to help him with (the bulb syringe isn't doing anything). He still wants to be held all the time, and I don't blame him (who doesn't want to be cuddled when they're feeling low?).

Upcoming posts (for my reference more than anything else):
- Baby Gear
- Halloween Costume
- Jack Carriers
- More On The Vocal Front
- A Good Book

OK, time for this mom to get to bed... while son snores loudly, just inches away :)

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