Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morning Smiles

The rain in Connecticut continues, and Jack and I are all a puzzle about what to do today. It's nice to get out, and we've been enjoying this New England fall weather to the max -- glorious days that were just invented for long walks with Baby... a veggie box overflowing with produce, crisp apples, and heirloom tomatoes so sweet that I have a vague inclination to serve them with strawberries (I am barely resisting the temptation of whipped cream). The rain reminds me how lucky we normally are, to be spending our last days home together in the vibrant and walkable town of New Haven.

I've been without photo editing software for two weeks and it's driving me crazy! Thank goodness for Greg's iphone, which takes great videos (my fault that the first half is out of focus). Here are some morning smiles:

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