Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy One-Month-Day!

Jack is one month old today. What a bittersweet day! It is amazing to watch this little fella change, and we can't wait to see what he's going to do next. At the same time, we are savoring these moments when he is so tiny and cuddly, and it is sad to think that he will not be a newborn forever. I have only 8 more weeks of maternity leave and no wish to make the time pass any faster.

Since Jack's last major milestone, he's achieved some pretty cool things:
  1. Exceeded 10 pounds, outgrew his first onesie, and graduated from newborn to size 1 diapers
  2. Got diaper rash and convinced his parents to ditch cloth reusables for a bit
  3. Started wearing socks more frequently and stopped wearing hats
  4. Lost some more hair off the top of his head, which only serves to emphasize his Kevin Costner mullet
  5. Discovered the troubles of eating too much too quickly
  6. Learned how to get his fingers in his mouth when he accidentally hits it with his fist
  7. Got strong enough to hold up his head on his own for a good 15 seconds when vertical (impressive) and to do itty bitty pushups during tummy time
  8. Decided he doesn't mind the pacifier after all
  9. Got the dogs to fight over who gets to lick his toes first
  10. Blew a raspberry with his lips (accidentally, of course)
  11. Smiled in response to raspberry given on his belly
  12. Learned that we'll pick him up when he gets chatty
  13. Got good enough at nursing that he can get a proper latch all on his own if I bring his head close enough to me (halelujah says mom, especially at that 2am feeding when everything's all blurry and I do it wrong)
  14. And here's a big one: he sees our faces and tracks our movement when we interact!
Happy One-Month-Day, Jack! Don't grow up too fast...

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