Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Jack to Sleep

Since my last post about it, we've had some success in mitigating Jack's evening meltdown. Looks like I need to hold him, jiggle him, and nurse him for a few hours every night. Good thing this kid is so darn charming ;) He gets all chatty ("eh, eh!", too cute, even if it is a lot of of work), but as long as we keep interacting with him, he keeps the crying to a minimum. I've also started a nighttime ritual: bath, nurse, swaddle, and a bedtime story (he may be too young to understand, but he sure likes listening).

Unfortunately, it appears that the blissful, early days of Jack sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night are over. Bummer. He is now on a 3-hour sleeping schedule. Luckily he is very easy to put back to sleep after I nurse him. Sometimes he needs a little rocking to calm down after a diaper change, but usually he's OK being back in the co-sleeper on his own.

Here is our typical day.

8am-3pm: generally easy, naps or playtime in 2-3 hour intervals... I do household stuff when he naps, and we go for long walks in the stroller, meet Greg at work for lunch
3-5pm: it's a mixed bag...
5-7pm: most definitely must be held!! goes in the carrier while I make dinner... seems to love all the busy goings on
7-9pm: awake, fussy, needs constant attention... I park myself in bed with him on my lap and find occasional moments to tap out one-handed sentences on the computer
9pm, 12pm, 3am, 6am: wants to nurse... perfects his Houdini-esque de-burritoing skills
6-7am: snuggles in between mom and dad for a little TLC
7-8am: anybody's guess!

Check out the rubber-band arms!!

We also discovered the bouncer:

He can't make it bounce yet, but it sure is a comfy place to hang out.

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