Sunday, August 15, 2010

They did a bad, bad thing

This time, he didn't spit it out:

I'm not opposed to the idea of a pacifier. Anything that provides this little guy comfort when he's upset is a good method in my book. If he truly is hungry/burpy/diapery/needy, he'll let us know.

Still, watching him get his comfort from a pacifier made me feel a little, well... jealous. I've spent the last four weeks having this little fella to satisfy his nursing urges with me... Then here comes this piece of plastic, and it makes him happy, too! So I suppose I was slightly pleased when he heard my voice and spat out the plastic in favor of the real thing ;)

I wonder if he took the pacifier this time because Greg gave it to him? They tell you to have the dad give the first bottle, for this very reason. Speaking of which, we've reached the magic 4 week mark, when it is officially "OK" for me to pump and give him a bottle. I think it is important to give him a bottle relatively early on -- just so it's not a fight later, when I go back to work -- but I can't pretend to be eager about the idea.

Anyway, I'm glad that little piece of plastic helped him calm down this afternoon.

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