Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dee's One Smart Cookie

Yesterday, Jack took his first "long" road trip. My parents are in town, and we all hopped into the car and drove up to Glastonbury, CT, where Greg's friend Dee owns a gluten / dairy / soy / peanut-free bakery. My parents both have varying degrees of gluten intolerance, which means that most wheat products are off limits for them: no bread, no pasta, and no baked goods. Going to a gluten-free bakery was a real treat.

It was wonderful for Greg to see Dee again (it had been 8 years!). Her desserts were absolutely delicious!! My dad had a banana cream whoopie pie. My mom had a blackberry cream filled chocolate cake. I had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. Greg had a raspberry coffee cake.

And we scarfed all of it down so quickly that I forgot to take pictures ;) My dad, who has tried just about every gluten-free product he can get his hands on, said that they were the best gluten-free baked goods he'd had. Greg, who doesn't often partake in alternative grains, thought it was all quite delicious. I think I finished mine in about 30 seconds flat. It was SO good... chocolatey and moist, with a tender crumb and silky frosting. We were all so stuffed from dessert (at noontime) that we ended up skipping lunch, oops.

Jack, as usual, slept through the whole thing...

So if you live in CT, check it out!

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