Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yes, we actually weigh our child in a salad bowl

My husband is the best partner I could imagine. I say "partner" in the true sense of the word -- we have our separate domains (I cook; he walks the dogs), yet things get split evenly and without argument or resentment. "Could you change him?" is always answered with an affirmative, even at 1am. Greg is generous to the core, and it has made these last 10 days, when we are both at home to be a family, truly wonderful. I cannot imagine how stressful the postpartum period would have been without this assistance. Greg will go back to work tomorrow, and Jack and I will miss him.

Last night was a rough night. We (stupidly) stayed up until 12am, watching a very bad movie. Jack wanted to nurse from 2-4am, and again at 6am. Neither of us got any sleep. At 8am, after another nurse, I crashed. And then, despite his own tiredness, Greg let me sleep and then made me a delicious breakfast in bed:

Thanks, love :)

To make up for his marathon nurse at night, Jack slept like a champ in the morning. This kid is going to roll early. He flipped his hips back flat before I could take the photo, however, it is not unusual to find him propped up on his side.

After a busy morning taking care of chores and house projects, we went for a hike:

I gave bubster a new 'do:

My parents flew in from Phoenix this evening. They were thrilled to meet the little guy (I mean who wouldn't be? :) ):

And, yes, we weighed our child in a salad bowl. He was 8lb on day 1. 7lb 9oz on day 3. 7lb 12 oz on day 5. And 8lb 6oz at day 10. (Yes, the scale says 8lb 11oz, but we needed to subtract the weight of his diaper). It's good to know that he's growing right on track! (But sad, too!)

Jack, this photo may or may not end up in your high school year book. P.S. I'm actually devastated that you've grown by 6 oz already. You will always be perfect, but please stay tiny for just a little bit longer :)

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  1. i'm tearing - is there really such beauty, tenderness and raw love and fragility in this world of ours? welcome to it, Jack!