Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jack's First Trip Outside

We ventured out into the "real world" today. Greg put Jack in the stroller. I packed the diaper bag. And away we went, to JoJo's, our favorite coffeeshop and weekend morning haunt.

Jack had no idea what was going on. He slept through the whole thing:

Not much else to say about today. It was a very peaceful day. I don't know what will happen as Jack gets a little older. Will he suddenly start being a crying, fussy baby? I hope that he will keep this lovely and calm demeanor -- less drama, more staring and admiring :)

To tide you over until a more dramatic post, here are some baby toes:

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  1. Rachel! you look amazing! i can't beleive you just had a baby and look at good!!
    Jennie from SC