Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 3-month Day

Jack is 3 months old today. Tomorrow will be my first day back at work. My brain is a bit fried from counting, washing, sterilizing, and packing bottle and pump parts (32 and 32 pieces, respectively). I'm thinking sentimental thoughts but having trouble writing them down tonight.

Still, I'd like to make sure to mark Jack's reaching three months with a milestone post! Here is a short version.

Since the last update, Jack has...
  1. Learned how to smile at everyone and everything
  2. Learned how to giggle and laugh, to the great amusement of his parents
  3. Gotten exceedingly articulate... he's been chatty for a while, but now he moves his mouth and tongue every which way. He can make some pretty funny noises.
  4. Learned how to roll front to back and accidentally did back to front the other night
  5. Discovered the existence of his own fingers (endlessly entertaining)
  6. Figured out how to direct his fist to his mouth (no thumb, yet!)
  7. Started holding onto stuff
  8. Decided that tummy time's not so bad after all.
  9. Changed eye color
  10. Got sick and got over it.
  11. Started sleeping a glorious 5 hours at the start of the night.
  12. Started wanting to comfort nurse
  13. Established that he prefers his milk fresh, not frozen
  14. Gotten into a cloth diaper groove
  15. Grown. A lot. (Maybe about 13 pounds, now?)
  16. Figured out how to keep himself awake when his parents think it's time for sleep
  17. Grown an absurd amount of hair for one so tiny (mom's convinced that he's stealing it from her).
  18. Officially and completely derailed his parents' lives... much to their joy and amusement
OK. Time for bed for mom. :)

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