Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He kind of sounds like a parrot

This morning, after Greg left for work, Jack and I had some playtime. I kissed him on the right cheek and then the left, and back and forth, and he was just loving it. Then I heard a giggle! I did it again, and he giggled again. I was so excited. I had seen Jack give a little giggle once before, when I put him on my chest while I laid down, to give him some tummy time (apparently my face was really just that funny). But this cheek kissing bit seemed to amuse him more reliably.

Greg came home that night and we decided to duplicate the giggle-inducing move. This time, instead of giggling... Jack laughed! Greg and I got to see his first laugh together. I grabbed Greg's iphone and caught another laugh on video:

True, our son sounds more like a squawking parrot than anything else... but it's definitely a laugh.

I am surprised by how excited I am to hear Jack laugh. It feels even more monumental than seeing him smile. Babies smile (reflexively) from birth; you could call it a grimace or blame it on gas. It's never clear when the smile is a "real" smile.

But a laugh? Yesterday Jack didn't laugh and today he does. I can be sure, when he laughs, that he is truly happy. What a beautiful sound!

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