Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never. Again.

My first day back at work.

9:45am, decide it is time to pump.

9:50am, people walking in and out of the chem lab across the hall (where I'd hoped to pump), that's a permanent no-go

9:50-10:00am, searching for a bathroom. All of them stink horribly. No place to put bag. Nowhere to sit. Water (or is that pee?) on the floor.

10:00-10:10am, in desperation, head over to the hospital, get directions to the lactation room (in maternity, 11th floor)

10:10am, door is locked, somebody is already using the room and I can't get in. More bathroom hunting.

10:15am, locate a suitable bathroom (no water on the floor, smells OK), start pumping in the handicap stall

10:17-10:23am, woman enters the bathroom, proceeds to have noisy diarrhea in the stall next to mine.

10:30am, I finish pumping, freakishly return pump parts to bag, absolutely terrified something will fall on the bathroom floor, imagining woman touching door handle, me touching door handle, then bottles, UGH.

10:40am, walk back to my cubicle, wash pump parts back in kitchenette sink, clean up

I will
never pump in a bathroom again. That was foul.

On the plus side, I got 5oz this morning and 5oz in the gross bathroom, so that's 10oz by 11am. I'm still not sure how much milk Jack will drink while at daycare, but this should be in the right ballpark.

Still, where to pump?! I'm going to ask a colleague if I can borrow her office.

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