Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oooh ohh gurrrgle blrrrp plhppbbbt aaaah

Jack is a talker. He talks, we talk back. It's so funny to see him try to form new sounds. He ooohs and ahhs, coos and grrrs. There's a little motoring and growling. There's squealing and laughing. I love hearing him chat and I am so curious about what his real voice will sound like.

We've had a tough time getting Jack's talking sessions on camera. Chatting seems to be an interactive game for him, and he'll stop if we break eye contact. His chatting is not at all conducive to video -- as soon as we pull out a camera or change his position, he stops chatting.

Here, we managed to get a short clip of him cooing. Things rapidly moved into the "Mom! I'm hungry!" realm of Jack's vocabulary. Still, here are a few seconds:

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