Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rock and Roll

This kid is rolling! Side to side. Front to back. Back to front. He's a little rolly polly, and it is very cute.

Jack has been getting onto his side since he was born. Front to back started when he was about 8 weeks old. Back to front has been going on this whole last week, when he is 14 weeks old. We kept waking up to find him tummy down. We'd flip him back over and he'd get himself right back on his belly. At first I convinced myself that it was a fluke, or that his co-sleeper has some sort of weird slant, but no... things rapidly progressed, and he's rolling all over the place!

When I mentioned his rolling to Y., one of the teachers at our daycare, she got so excited to share the news with me that she could hardly contain herself. See, they have a policy to not tell parents when a child has accomplished a milestone. That way the parent gets the enjoyment of seeing it for themselves. Well when I mentioned his rolling, she was so happy to share: "He's been rolling all over the mat, and whenever we put him down for naps! I know! He just rolls and rolls!". It pangs me a little to know that they were sure of his rolling success before I was, but I'm thrilled to know that they are are so excited about this little milestone.

Still, Jack, don't get to crawling anytime soon. You're much easier when you're tiny and immobile :)

Jack loves tummy time, now. Next to our arms, his favorite place is most definitely the exercise mat, kicking and rolling away.

The mat is also one of the place where he likes to work on louder forms of vocalization. This morning, we have a conversation about how he might perfect his roar:

He tried a roar out for himself:

But we decided he should save his strength for when he's in character.

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