Saturday, January 1, 2011

Msc. Christmas

In the battle between Christmas and Hanukah, Christmas wins. Every time.

(Sorry, Mom).

I'm not the slightest bit Christian, but I happen to love the Christmas season. Sprkly lights, Christmas trees, cookies, catchy jingles on the radio, family and guilt-free time off work... what's not to love?

I'd like Jack to celebrate both holidays, and he did... but Greg and I were terribly ill during Hanukah. I managed to light the Hanukah candles a few times (which Jack loved, by the way): unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the event.

I did, however, manage to get quite a few pictures of Christmas with Greg's family. Have you ever packed up to bring a baby to family's house for a few hours? There's no room for a big SLR camera. So these images are from my small point and shoot -- grainy in the low light, but memorable all the same.

First, we took Jack to see the giant Christmas tree in downtown New Haven:

Here's how Jack reacted:

Greg's family celebrates Christmas with the Italian-Catholic tradition of seven courses of fish. Yes, seven. We don't always make it to all seven, but there is quite a bit of fish to be had. I brought this incredibly delicious Italian Cream Cake for dessert:

Yum. I'd like some more, now, please.

Jack got to hang out with his cousins. Here is Ruby:

And here is Lincoln:

Greg's mom, Nancy:

The evening was a little hectic:

Jack got his first truck!

Jack was pretty thrilled about the wrapping paper, too:

His dad had lots of fun:

Happy Holidays!

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