Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greetings, from daycare

Check out those ARMS! At 6 months, Jack is really starting to pack on the pounds ;) He's still on the tighest waist adjustment on his FuzziBunz, but he's on the loosest thigh adjustment! Our friends brought their (breastfed) 9 month old over this weekend, and we noticed that he and Jack weighed nearly the same amount.

They say that breastfed babies can't gain too much weight, but there is a paucity of direct research on the topic. Supposedly most breastfed babies start slimming down at around 4 months, but that's exactly when Jack started getting more solid. I'm going to assume that some of his extra weight gain has to do with my continued oversupply or breast milk. Maybe I needn't worry so much about pumping, after all!

P.S. This photo, sent to me via Greg's iphone at this morning's drop off, is making it really hard to focus on work...

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