Monday, January 10, 2011

This story is slightly painful

3:40pm: Nap fail #1.

I decided to go get Jack a bit early today. I showed up at his daycare at 3:40. They had just put him down, but he hadn't really fallen asleep yet. His eyes were closed but he was moving. I figure, he's so sleepy, if I'm careful when I move him, he's stay sleepy in the car seat.

Right? Wrong. He woke up, woke wide awake, as soon as I picked him up.

4:10pm: Nap fail #2.

I put him the car and we drove for 25 minutes. 2 minutes away from the house, he falls asleep. I gingerly open the car door and take out the car seat. The empty car seat base resets itself with a sharp "click". Up wakes Jack.

4:25pm: Nap fail #3.

I take Jack in my arms, settle into the rocking chair with a book and nurse him to sleep. Baby gets some rocking. Mom gets some reading. It's a nice moment. 5 minutes into his nap, one of the dogs barks to go outside. I carefully lift myself, the baby, and the boppy pillow out of the chair. I let the dogs out. One of the them won't come back in. "Zane!" I hiss. Jack's eyes pop open. Now he's upset.

4:45pm: Nap fail #4.

We go back to the rocking chair. No dice. He's very alert: rubbing his eyes, needing a nap, but also needing something to occupy him so he can settle. I put him in the swing and turn on his favorite song. I sneak out of the room. Great, it's working. He tosses his head from side to side. Eyes are blinking Sleep is commencing. I cross into the kitchen -- and he catches a glimpse of me through the door. Jack starts screaming.

5:15pm: Nap fail #5

It's dark outside and I figure maybe if I lay down with him, he might calm down. Think again. I pick him up and rock him in my arms, and jiggle him for a good 15 minutes. He drifts off. Spouse comes home and the door, slightly ajar already, creaks open. Light spills onto his face. Jack wakes up with a shout.

I left work at 2:30pm. It's 5:50pm and I still haven't had more than several minutes of TLC with my baby. This hurts, badly.

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