Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh my. There I was, having a perfectly productive morning, thinking about a manuscript I am writing. The beautiful speckling of data that I spent months gathering. Gazing fondly at the familiar form of equations embedded in text. Musing over the cadence of introduction, methods, results and discussion.

Thoughts of the little one were bobbing somewhere around my semi-subconscience. Tethered. Secure. Enclosed.

And then it happened. I thought about my baby and suddenly I couldn't think about anything else. The beautiful arrangement of features on his face. Gazing fondly at his familiar swirl of unruly hair. Musing over what his smile looks like through the green smear of pureed avocado.

If Jack were here right now, I would hug him tight, kiss his nose, and tickle him until all thought is overwhelmed by our giggle-fest. Instead, I'll fix my figure legends, rearrange paragraphs, and edit scientific exposition until the tap-tap of keys dulls my other senses.

I may have two babies, but I know which one is easier to daydream about.

Jack, I miss you!

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