Thursday, January 27, 2011

15" of snow and we're not going anywhere

Greg is out shoveling. With a corner lot, 180 linear feet of sidewalk, a backyard path around our house for the dogs and a 3 car garage, there's a lot of shoveling to be done. Plus the snow plows always plow the trapezoidal intersection straight across our driveway, making the prospect of clear travel near the vicinity of our house even more hopeless. We are wishing we bought a snow blower this year! JCC is closed. Staying focused and working while sick and sleep deprived all of the time is difficult enough -- these snow days are killing me! I'm thinking I might trade today out for Sunday and use it like a weekend. Maybe we'll all go sledding :)

Can anyone guess where this adorable face is, as of 7am?

He woke up at around 10pm. I tried nursing him, and he took a little bit of milk. I put him back down, sleepy, and he got upset. We went through another 10 minutes of (dual) parent shushing, and then Jack fell asleep. It was a restless sleep, but he did it on his own.

I got very sad and didn't know what to do: the next time he cried, would I shush again or bring him back into bed?

He woke up at 11:30pm and into bed he came.

Jack had a very restless night after that point. He was kicking and squirming every few hours. Was it being in the big bed that made him restless, or would he have been that way regardless?

I think I'm going to try to keep him in the co-sleeper longer tonight and see how it goes.

Grrr. :(


  1. We started sleep training at 6 mos, after the pedi said feeding 2-3 times a night was too much. C loved cosleeping, but he didn't sleep well, and so neither did I--he would nurse off and on. He was also hard to transfer back to the cosleeper. We started the crib around 3 mos, but he was waking too often, and often spent early hours in our bed. Around 6 mos, a switch clicked though. I know put him down sleep but awake, after nursing, between 630 and 730. He may cry 10 min or so, but he goes to sleep. If he wakes before midnight, he cries (up to an hour, but often fewer than 20). I'll feed him once, any time after midnight. Then, if he wakes again before 6, he cries, again, up to an hour, but usually he does less. Some nights, he never wakes, and more often, he only wakes once, so I feed him. But he was waking more before I started letting him cry, but he wasn't feeding, just nursing a couple min then going back to sleep. That, and finally showing me he COULD CIO, and the pedi's recommendation did it for me. And it really didn't take long--just a couple days of the longer crying. GL and Happy ICLW! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great job the first night! Even weening him in to it is a great step! good luck tonight!
    I don't envy all that sidewalk! We have 15 inches of snow too! it's nuts but we only have like 25 feet of sidewalk but street parking! Sounds like you def need a snow blower!