Friday, December 24, 2010

We have different issues...

How does a mama choose a suitable outfit for Christmas dinner with husband's family?

Well, there are the physical issues to accommodate. Leg region is smaller, belly region is larger, boob region changes size throughout the day. Then there are practical considerations, too. Top must enable discrete top-down nursing in front of others (low cut v-neck) but also must fully cover the ugly-as-hell-nursing bra (turtleneck). Preferably a heavy weight fabric to hide potential flyaway milk, but light enough to avoid looking like a two-tiered Mr. Snowman. Ideally, top is festive and holiday themed (glittery, red or green, beaded, or last year's Christmas gift). It must be clean, and by that I mean not covered with any of the following substances: drool, spitup, poo, or flecks of the coconut and walnut studded cake frosting from this morning's decadent creation. Oh, and it's like 30 degrees outside and 75 inside, so layering with a perfectly matched sweater is a plus.

How does a baby choose a suitable outfit for Christmas dinner with husband's family?

Parents choose for him. The more absurd the better. Milk stains and drool? Totally acceptable. Accessory that's irresistibly close to mouth and hands for gnawing on during the car ride? Excellent. Last minute trip to Old Navy to purchase the perfectly coordinated blue button-down? That's the one.

Happy holidays, all. :)

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