Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trip Photos

Here we are. Back in Connecticut. We survived - sort of. We're all sick again, but, we're home. The redeye went OK. It was tough to hold Jack in my arms when I was literally falling asleep on my feet. We were rescued by an amazing flight attendant -- gosh I wish I'd gotten her name. She saw me struggling to stay awake and found an extra seat cushion. I propped up the seat cushion against the arm rest, behind my neck, and was able to lay down horizontally with Jack safely sleeping on my chest. I got two hours of sleep that way, and it saved me. We landed in Newark for a two hour layover.

Our trip to Arizona was challenging. Jack became grumpier with each passing day. Being home makes me appreciate a few things... like routine... baby swings... exercise mats with toys that hang down... and my husband. (Who happens to be so fantastically awesome that not only was the house *spotless*, the grocery shopping was done, there was chicken soup in the fridge, and the nursery was completely in order with all laundry done... there was also a vase of roses on the table to greet me. And I went to sleep at 8:30. My oh my am I lucky)

It's been a busy week and I'm not feeling too well, so I'm going to sum up the trip with lots of photos.

The Hartford airport (very early in the morning!):

Hanging out before our first flight:

Wandering O'Hare... Jack looked at the windows and I ate Fro-Yo:

Landing in Phoenix... where those antennas on South Mountain say "Home" to me every trip. That's where I grew up -- on the other side of that mountain, at the base:

Jack woke up to meet my brother, Michael, and his wife, Leslie, when they came in from their late flight from California. Jack was so sleepy!

Here's my grandfather:

And my mom, on the left:

And this is Leslie, Michael's wife. She teaches three year olds, and so I look to her for parenting advice. Jack was having a bit of teething pain, and she gave him this water bottle to play with. He loved it:

Jack was pretty happy to be held so much:

Jack also met my parents' dogs. They were like giant versions of Sleepy Puppy, his favorite nighttime toy:

Michael and Leslie were so good with Jack. I loved seeing them all together:

Here's my grandmother:

And my good friend, Erin:

With her beautiful daughter, Audrey:

At the end of the trip, my dad took a great photo of Jack and I:

Isn't his outfit cute? That was a gift from my parents... love the vest.

So I've looked through all of the photos from the trip, and I noticed something frustrating. I can't believe I didn't take photos of Jack with my mom and dad! I think I was so focused on them during that time that I didn't pick up the camera. Bummer. Big bummer. I'll make up for it on our next trip.

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