Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sweet, orange, and all over my living room

I love nursing Jack. It's one thing my body does right. I'd nurse the kid for quite a while, if that wasn't so socially weird.

But this isn't actually a post about nursing. This is a post about the opposite of nursing. This is a post about carrots. Boiled. Pureed. Thinned out a bit. Fed to one gurgly, happy child.

We did it: we gave Jack his first solid food. And as weirded out as I was about Jack entering this new phase of babyhood... we had so much fun. He loved it. He made a mess. He opened wide and chomped down again and again. I didn't feed him quickly enough at one point, so he grabbed the orange carrot on his tray and started chowing down on that, too.

What next? Avocado? Banana? Peas? The world is his messy, face-smearing, giggle-inducing oyster.

For your lazy-Sunday enjoyment, here is Jack eating his first meal. Enthusiastic chomps are at around 2 minutes. Appreciative burp right at the end.

Enjoy, Jack!

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