Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sittin' Pretty

We got Jack a high chair. I don't intend to introduce solids to his diet for another two months (when he will be six months old), but it's nice to have a place where he can sit and be up at counter height. I spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, and before the high chair, we would put him in a bouncy chair or a bumbo on the floor. Putting him on the floor doesn't work very well, because he's under foot and very near the dogs (which is a bad idea when there's food involved). Sometimes I put him in the carrier, but now that he's grabbing for stuff, that's no good.

So thisgt high chair is perfect. It wheels all around. He can sit up in it. The harness is secure enough that I can turn my back and trust that he's OK. Plus, it has a big tray that pulls right within his grasping distance. I've been putting lots of toys on the tray, and he has lots of fun grabbing all the different toys. I think Jack likes his new chair.

Here, Jack is in the chair. There is much growling, two hiccups, and one "googoo" involved:

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