Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Silly doesn't even begin to describe it

A followup to the facebook photos...

We really had way too much fun at Halloween.

Jack was a Lion. I made his costume while I was still on maternity leave. I used pipe cleaners for the base of the mane. I wove in silk flowers and lots of tassley yarn to make it all stick out. He had little anklets and wristlets of tassley yarn, a tail with a pompom of yarn, and little "paws" made from scrap leather and black felt. It was a blast.

I hardly got any photos of our Halloween Potluck Party on Saturday, mostly because I was too busy having fun and laughing with the other parents over our silly, adorable babies. Everyone went all out.

There was a bumblebee...

And a lobster...

Two of Jack's friends from daycare were there. This is Jessie, who was a fearsome dinosaur:

And Ellis, who was an excellent dragon:

Ironically, the snowman was the warmest of us all:

However, the winner of the evening was clear, and it was the chicken:

Now imagine what this scene looks like when the five month old girl starts flapping her feet around.

I think I'm still laughing.

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  1. jack is the cutest lil 'wild thang' we've ever seen! love ya buddy! uncle timmy wants to meet you ; )