Thursday, November 4, 2010

Left and Right

On Tuesday, Jack wore a hat that I knitted for him, and he voted for the first time. I told him all about the left and the right sides of the political equation. The experience was so exhausting that he fell asleep:

Last night, we went for a long walk, picked up some carryout, and our discussion turned from the left and right sides of America to the left and right sides of Jack's milk supply. As you already know, this is his favorite topic, and it was just distracting enough for me to eat dinner. Once he realized what had happened, Jack was surprised to find out that I ate the whole Greek Salad myself:

I explained that he will be eating greek salad himself in a few months, and, in the meantime, he could have as much milk as he wants, whenever he wants. This made him feel somewhat better:

Then I told him about cookies:

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