Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Three things that make me happy.


Jack, since month 5 or so: "Ppphbbbbbbttt. Mabaga oohhh ahh eeeh grrr eeeeeeee! eee! ah! ooooh! babagada dooo ooohrrr boo buuuurgh ppphhhhhhhbt! urgh! uhm! owwwaaah ubedo urrrh"

Last week, Wednesday:
Jack, 6am: "mamamamamamama"
Jack, 7am: "mamamamamamama"
Jack, 8am: "mamama... uhr.... mamamama"
Jack, 9am: "mamamamamamama"
Jack, 10am: "mamamamamamamamamamamamamamama"


It never gets old. I swear the whole "mama" before "dada" thing is (uhm, partial) karma for the pain of childbirth.


Sometimes when Jack would cry really badly and we were desperate for anything to relieve our own worry, or if Jack was choosing a particularly tense moment to squeal at the top of his lungs, we'd tap our hand against his mouth, gently. The change in sound (from "waaaaaaaaaah!!" to "wahwahwahwah!!") would surprise him enough that he'd often stop crying. Then Greg figured out that if we just started tapping our hands against his mouth under normal, happy circumstances, Jack would start making a sound. Then we could all giggle about the "wahwahwahwah" as a family. Now? Now Jack has learned how to make the sound all by himself. He hits the back of his wrist against his mouth: "wahwahwahwah".

All by himself! This impresses me.

Of course now he's stopped going "Waaaaaa" and instead just tries to hit his mouth with the back of his wrist while letting out an airy whisper "Haaaaaa". I'm not sure what that's all about.


Any fans of Arrested Development out there? If so, you are well aware of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog and the hilarity that ensues when you say it three times fast. Go ahead, try it.

If you have a baby, you're familiar with Bob Loblaw's Law Blog, too.

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