Saturday, February 5, 2011

And he's off

The stationary gig is up: at 6.5 months, Jack is crawling! He goes after toys and investigates the room. It started with a few army-crawl style tugs a few days ago, and then suddenly he figured out how to connect it all for purposeful locomotion. This little guy is determined to get to what he wants:

He's not going from belly to seated yet, but he'll go from seated to standing if he has something to pull up on. The bath tub and the changing table are suddenly quite treacherous, as he pulls and tugs and tips his way toward certain head-smashing. It's all happened so quickly! Jack's nursery is kind of a mess of piled up stuff... it's time for us to begin some baby-proofing!

Of course we aren't really surprised -- Jack's world is one in which he always calls the shots:

This kid's got us by our heartstrings!

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