Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jack's First Haircut (~10 months)

I just sent some pictures to my family, and they're so funny that I decided that I wanted to post them here. But one of the series involves a view of a naked baby butt, which I don't think is quite appropriate for a public blog. That one, I'll leave to your imagination: Jack, diaperless in Barcelona, helping Greg take laundry out of a front loading washer, item by item, happy growling with each treasure located. Priceless.

Here's the other set.

This is Jack, about to get his first haircut. Note my baby's enthusiasm:

Bubbles! A cartoon on TV! Three people surrounding him, making smiles! A toy for every hand!

And, unfortunately, there was a also a water bottle and comb involved:

It seems that a cold, wet mist does not a happy baby make:

I really shouldn't find my baby's discomfort amusing, but, I just can't stop laughing

I don't even want to think about what the dentist's is going to be like!

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  1. omg too cute! i hate to see babies crying but it's too cute i had to giggle! knowing my son he will prob try and steal the scissors out of the hairdressers hand and EAT them when the time comes!