Saturday, March 19, 2011


See the size difference? The "medium" on the left was one that I bought on Craigslist. The "medium" on the right is brand new.

I said I wouldn't talk about Jack's poop anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about his diapers!

We are using cloth FuzziBunz for Jack's diapering needs. We have smalls, mediums, larges, and a few "one sizes" (the "one sizes" adjust to fit Jack as he grows). The smalls have gotten too small for him. Actually, to be specific, they're too small for his chubby thighs. Our son has Thunder Thighs like you've never seen...

Back to diapers. We decided to transition Jack to the larger size, and Greg brought up our big box of mediums from the basement. The first set of diapers I ever purchased was a huge lot of 18 (used) medium FuzziBunz on Craigslist. Then a friend sent us a box of brand new mediums (6), and I received 1 new medium as part of a promo on some other diapers I bought. Great. This is a TON of diapers.

Except here's the problem. When I purchased the used mediums off of craigslist, I didn't know anything about diapers, and I failed to notice how worn out they are. The elastic is shot. Like, totally. Mediums are supposed to last from about 15 to 30 pounds, but, seeing as the elastic is loose, these diapers are really only going to work from about 25-30 pounds. (You can see the size difference in the photo up top). That sucks. They were $10 each.

I might try to resell them, but then the only right thing to do is to tell the buyer that the elastic is completely worn out. There's no way I'll be able to recoup the cost.

Greg thinks we should sew in new elastic... but, honestly, it's just not worth my time right now.

With the new mediums and the one-sizes we've been using all along, we have 14 diapers that will currently fit Jack. That's enough to wash about every other day. Hmmm. I'm not sure whether I'll purchase a few more to get us back to washing every third day. It might be time to go back to the (far cheaper) thirsties with cotton prefolds inside.

Bummer. Fuzzibummer.

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  1. ok, i know you say it's not worth your time but here is tutorial i used to fix the elastic in FB's and it didn't take but 5-7 minutes per dipe.

    and boo to whomever charged you 10 bucks a dipe with shot elastic :(